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Honorary Curator Leroy Kanterman

Leroy Kanterman
Honorary Curator, 2002–2003

Appointment Announcement

Leroy KantermanThe American Haiku Archives advisory board is pleased to announce the appointment of Leroy Kanterman as the 2002-2003 honorary curator of the American Haiku Archives at the California State Library in Sacramento. This honor is in recognition of Kanterman’s many decades of haiku writing and his cofounding with Harold G. Henderson, in 1968, of the Haiku Society of America. Kanterman’s term as honorary curator of the archives runs for a year starting from July 12, 2002, the sixth anniversary of the founding of the American Haiku Archives.

Books & Magazines by Leroy Kanterman

Magazine Editor. Haiku west. Forest Hill, N.Y. : L. Kanterman, 1967-75.

The ram's horn: a collection of haiku-senryu. Kanterman, 1967.

Editor. The Scare Crow: A Collection of Haiku & Senryu. Winchester, VA: Red Moon Press, 1999.

Selected Haiku by Leroy Kanterman

     at the wild geese

                                                           on the scarecrow
                                                           the autumn wind has settled
                                                                a coat of dust

winter evening
     only my thoughts
          give me warmth

                                                           Touching his tombstone,
                                                                she kneels . . .
                                                                     to pluck the weeds

The pot-bellied stove—
     gathering around, recalling
          last year's blizzard.

                                                           Sunset . . .
                                                           The scarecrow stretches
                                                           Across the field

moored to the piling
     the rusting ferryboat
          rides the morning tide

                                                           Adorning her wall,
                                                                 relics of a beloved son—
                                                                     photo and medal.  


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